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New!   *Visit Our Online Store And Use ‘Virtual Try On‘*

Click on that ‘Virtual Try On’ page above and you can upload a ‘selfie’ face shot, select and ‘try on’ any pair of frames you want, position them and see how they look….on you!  Go ahead and try it, it’s fun!

Or just click on ‘Launch Demo’ and use one of the model faces that are there.   Go ahead. I’m anxious to know what you think!!

Thanks to all who have visited our new optical shop!! : We’re keeping our momentum with a special discount  as another way of showing appreciation. Call Marcus today at 339-2301 for your free custom consult to see which pair of fabulous frames fit the shape of your face, head, temples, bridge and personality. Its really fun . Your eyeglasses never looked so good on you. You’ll see!!

SEEK EYE CARE rivals Lenscrafters and Metrospecs for eyewear, but goes above and beyond with customer service.  Everyone is unique in their style and taste, but all want to be treated with respect and courtesy, not be sold something and be delighted with their purchase.  SEEK not only fills prescriptions for contact lenses and eyeglasses in Fayetteville NC, but also provides prescription fashion eyewear in Fayetteville NC featuring contemporary styles offered with a professional custom fitting session. You can also access the best selection of digital lenses that give you the ease of use and comfort needed daily.

SEEK EYE CARE gives us the opportunity to build a life-long relationship with you and all of our clients as needs and styles evolve. As a foundation for who we are, it is written that if we shall SEEK first the kingdom, then all things shall be added unto you. We look forward to seeing you all, as you begin to SEEK.

Seraphin Collection by OGI, now at SEEK EYE CARE, are titanium frames handmade in Japan.

Marucs McNeill, happy customer and proud owner of SEEK EYE CARE.